About RentCo Africa Limited?

RentCo Africa Limited is a private limited company that started with the sole purpose of providing off and on balance financing through our tailored and customized leasing products to both the private and public sectors in Kenya and sub-Saharan Africa.

RentCo takes your asset pain away. Acquiring an asset needs you to look for money. Our solutions are superior to either cash or loans, with financing available from as soon as just 3 weeks.

We provide rental finance solutions directly to large and medium-sized organizations through the development of vendor finance programs for all types of business assets in all sectors. This includes sectors such as retail(supermarkets), manufacturing, medical, education, mining, construction (malls and apartments), financial and more.

Why Choose RentCo Africa?

Tax benefits

Leasing is a fully deductible operating expense for tax purposes for your business making the actual cost less than the actual payments.

Add-on equipment

As your business needs evolve, you can add on equipment at any stage during your lease term and include all the additions in one quarterly payment.

Conserve cash flow

Keep your cash flowing and maintain liquidity by leasing equipment instead of paying cash. Preserve your business line of credit with your bank for other essential business expenses such as inventory, payroll and R&D to grow your business.

Plan your budget

No setup fees or ongoing charges. Budget for the fixed quarterly costs of your commercial lease agreement and enjoy peace of mind.

Avoid technology becoming obsolete

Leasing assets and equipment over their productive life lets you upgrade at the end of term to new and better equipment and keep pace with change and stay ahead of the competition.

Enjoy faster productivity

Get the equipment your business needs now. You’ll increase your productivity to get the cash funds to pay for the leased assets.

Get access to finance

RentCo provides convenient access to secure financing arrangements with minimal paperwork. We can help you with ongoing access to tailored vendor finance and equipment finance and remove the need to deal with multiple banks or brokers.

Avoid Depreciation

Leasing and equipment finance is an operating expense with no depreciation to account for or track.

Get a complete solution quickly

Bundle all your IT and equipment, software and installation into an equipment lease or asset finance agreement and enjoy quick access to finance from one lender.

Asset Management

Welcome to straightforward end of lease options
Whether you want to renew, refresh, or buy your equipment, we provide the same extraordinary service you have come to enjoy during your lease originations. Contact us with questions about replacement equipment transitions, upgrades and additions, equipment purchases, lease extensions, equipment return, or other services.

Simple Returns

You will not be required to return the equipment in its original packing materials.
Also, unless otherwise notified at the inception of the lease, you will not be required to employ asset tagging, labeling, or pre-approval of service providers.

Clean Walk Away

Our clear and honest contract terms enable you to return the equipment at lease expiration with no further obligations. Or, you can purchase the equipment or continue to lease.



Group CEO

As CEO and principal owner of RentCo Africa Limited, Robert's entrepreneurial leadership and experience have kept RentCo Africa on the path of growth and success for over 5 years. He holds MSc Marketing from the University of Gamorga, UK, Postgraduate Diploma Marketing (DIPM) UK.



Has over 16 years of professional experience, as consultant, senior credit risk lending professional as well as a credit risk auditor.



Legal Affairs Director of RentCo Africa Limited. Has several years’ experience as constitutional administrative law, corporate legal counsel in Banking/ Legal claims and documentation. He holds an LLB Degree from Moi University and Dip.in Law – The Kenya School of Monetary


Community Social Responsibility

Here at RentCo Africa Limited, we strive to support the community around us and demonstrate our commitment in the social and economic issues. We support a number of
organizations directly and indirectly. These organizations tend to align with our strategic
priorities and values.

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Stanchart Marathon – 2017

We at RentCo know we have a responsibility to our society. Therefore, we have made Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) an integral part of the company culture.