Equipment And Machinery Leasing

As new opportunities arise, the need for additional equipment becomes urgent. Whether a medium enterprise or a multinational corporation. Our Equipment lease solutions make it financially possible for businesses to afford equipment for immediate use. For businesses, our leasing solutions match cost to benefit to ensure cash flow is predictable and justifiable.
We lease agricultural equipment such as harvesters, tractors, offiice furniture, generating plants, industrial machinery, bakery equipment, software technology such as servers, telecom masts, construction equipment such as excavators, loaders, dumpers, tippers, forklifts etc.
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Furniture And Fit Out Leasing

The working environment you create for your staff can have a direct impact on their productivity so it is important that people work in a place they enjoy coming to. Leasing is a flexible way of meeting a business’s equipment/ fit outs needs without requiring a large capital outlay or risking equipment obsolescence.
The decision to lease office furniture also makes a big difference to your cash flow. With no hefty upfront costs, you can get the new office furniture your staff and workspaces really need, while retaining a healthy bank balance and freeing up funds for other purposes.
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IT Equipment Leasing

As the world moves towards technology-driven solutions, an organization’s readiness to the digitized economy depends on the hardware they have today. By investing in technology, organizations will be investing in growth, improving operations and empowering employees to keep up and get ahead in a fast-paced world.
At RentCo Africa Limited, we offer leasing options Advantages of Leasing IT Equipment Less initial expense. The primary advantage of leasing IT equipment is that it allows you to acquire assets with minimal initial expenditures. Because equipment leases rarely require a down payment, you can obtain the goods you need without significantly affecting your cash flow.
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Gym And Fitness Equipment Leasing

Ready to build up your fitness center with the latest cross trainers, benches, weights and treadmills, but don’t want to weaken your cash flow? A leasing solution can help you get your business moving.
Gym equipment leasing through RentCo is the easiest and most convenient way to obtain fitness equipment.
Commercial gym equipment leasing has become popular among entrepreneurs who recognize the value of retaining their capital and leasing equipment instead. This frees up your cash to spend on other aspects of running and promoting the business and at the end of the lease term, you own the equipment outright.
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Medical Equipment Leasing

Healthcare practices, clinics and hospitals should be equipped with the latest medical equipment, supplies and accessories to offer professional service of the highest standards. From hospitals looking to upgrade and modernize their equipment to growing practices wanting to increase the standard of their services with additional medical assets, there is a leasing solution for everyone. We provide various financing solutions that can be tailored for hospitals, private practices, dental practices and more.
The medical equipment leasing solutions from RentCo Africa Limited can be customized to suit your needs and we will consider a very wide range of equipment. We specialize in designing medical equipment finance solutions which allows
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Vehicle Leasing / Motor Leasing

The world is changing fast, but one thing is for certain people love cars. At RentCo Africa Limited we understand that Motor vehicle leasing is advantageous for individuals and businesses. It is cost-effective and allows a company to have the latest models with awesome features that companies can take advantage of.
We offer solutions for businesses, corporations and individuals. Our clients are able to choose any automobile make and model that match their needs and budget. We specialize in fleet management and driver support. Our vehicle leases enjoy competitive financing, lease length alternatives and mileage options
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