Vehicle Leasing / Motor Leasing

The world is changing fast, but one thing is for certain people love cars. At RentCo Africa Limited we understand that Motor vehicle leasing is advantageous for individuals and businesses. It is cost-effective and allows a company to have the latest models with awesome features that companies can take advantage of.

We offer solutions for businesses, corporations and individuals. Our clients are able to choose any automobile make and model that match their needs and budget. We specialize in fleet management and driver support. Our vehicle leases enjoy competitive financing, lease length alternatives and mileage options.

Leasing allows you to have a car with the latest infotainment, connectivity, comfort and safety features. Today, you can lease almost any vehicle you can buy, whether it’s a car, pickup, minivan, or SUV.

More and more companies are opting to outsource transport services; hence our objective is to meet this growing market need. We free them from the burden of vehicle ownership, maintenance and other allied costs hence allowing them to focus on their core business.