Leasing Solutions

As an independent leasing company, our clients are privileged to select their preferred supplier and asset that MORE INFORMATION best fits your needs. RentCo leasing solutions support all types of depreciating assets except land and buildings.
We then tailor a solution with an underlying lease product that suits your specific needs. Some examples of tailor-made solutions:

Long-term car leasing facility where the client wants to have a car lease for over 36 months.

Operating leases for IT-related Equipment.

For customers earning in foreign receivables Lease-Back and able to commit to pay rentals in foreign currency without being exposed to currency risk, we have tailored Operating leases denominated and payable in a specified foreign currency (USD, EURO, GBP), which allows the client to enjoy the low interest rate of the applicable currency.

Some clients had already purchased their assets by the time they realized that the lease solution was available. RentCo is able to purchase the assets and arrange for a lease of the same assets back to the client.

Car leasing facility including maintenance and other services.

Customers can exchange a specified percentage of the original equipment value at regular intervals depending on the term of the contract.