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A Beacon of Hope for Businesses in East Africa as RentCo Africa Secures KES. 3.5 Billion Facility from a Leading Tier 1 Bank to Empower Asset Acquisition.

In a significant stride towards promoting sustainable business growth in Africa, RentCo Africa has
achieved a remarkable milestone. The company has received approval from a Tier 1 Bank with a
presence in all East African countries for a KES 3.5 billion facility, approximately equivalent to USD
23 Million.

This substantial financial backing will further empower RentCo Africa to provide crucial leasing
services for moveable assets, such as brand-new motor vehicles, equipment, and machinery, to
Government Entities, Reputable Organizations, and Institutions whose risk profiles align with the
bank’s standards.

This financial infusion is a true testament to our dedication to facilitating asset acquisition and
fostering economic development across the continent. Let’s delve into the details of this remarkable
achievement and what it means for RentCo Africa’s mission to drive sustainable growth.
Empowering Businesses through Asset Leasing

RentCo Africa has long been a pioneering force in the asset leasing industry on the African
continent. Our commitment to making the acquisition of essential assets more accessible has
contributed significantly to elevating businesses across various sectors. This recent financial
collaboration with a Tier 1 Bank solidifies our position as a leading provider of asset leasing
solutions in East Africa and beyond.

The KES 3.5 Billion Facility: A Game-Changer
The approval of the KES 3.5 billion facility marks a significant milestone for RentCo Africa. This
substantial funding will allow the company to finance the entire purchase price of moveable assets,
which includes a range of vehicles, equipment, and machinery. This, in turn, empowers our clients,
including Government Entities, Reputable Organizations, and Institutions, to acquire the assets they
need for their operations without the burdensome upfront costs.

Expanding Reach Across East Africa
RentCo Africa’s partnership with a Tier 1 Bank with a presence in all East African countries
underscores the company’s commitment to regional expansion and accessibility. With this facility,
we can better serve our clients across the East African region, fostering development in these areas.

Fostering Sustainable Growth
This achievement is not just about financial numbers; it’s about the real impact on businesses and
communities. By providing accessible leasing options for essential assets, RentCo Africa is
empowering businesses to grow and thrive. This, in turn, contributes to the broader goal of
fostering sustainable economic growth in Africa.

Testament to RentCo Africa’s Impact
RentCo Africa’s success in securing this substantial facility speaks to the impact the company has
made in the African business landscape. It highlights the trust financial partners place in RentCo
Africa’s ability to deliver on its mission of making asset acquisition accessible to a wide range of
clients. This newfound financial support will undoubtedly fuel our efforts to continue driving
sustainable growth and development.

Key Takeaway:
RentCo Africa’s approval of this facility from a leading Tier 1 Bank is a significant achievement with
far-reaching implications. It not only strengthens the company’s position as a leader in asset leasing
but also reaffirms its commitment to promoting development in East Africa.

As we continue to expand our reach and impact, the possibilities for businesses across the continent
are limitless. This achievement serves as a beacon of hope for businesses in Africa, illustrating that
with the right partnerships and dedication, sustainable growth is within reach.


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