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Request for Proposal



We are a global financial services group operating in 25+ markets in Africa and beyond.

RentCo Africa is an independent firm provides off and on-balance financing through bespoke leasing products to the private and public sectors in Kenya and Sub-Saharan Africa. Our portfolio of solutions enables businesses to rapidly acquire the assets needed to achieve their goals. We provide rental finance solutions directly to large and medium-sized organizations through the development of vendor finance programs for all types of business assets in all sectors. 

RentCo Africa is in search of reputable interior design contractors to complete the interior of its office, currently located at Crater Business Centre, Mombasa Road, Nairobi, Kenya.


RentCo Africa Group & RentCo Africa – Kenya New Corporate Offices.

Location: 8th Floor, Crater Business Park, Mombasa Road, Nairobi Kenya.

Office Size:

Wing A: 4,900 Sq. Feet

Wing B: 4,900 Sq. Feet

The office is presently in a ‘shell and core’ condition, and we require office design and fit-out work for the 8th floor’s right and left-wing areas.

The selected contractor will be responsible for creating a floor plan with an office design layout, internal finishing details, fit-out, construction, and supervision to accommodate the following features:


      • A sophisticated, modern, and distinctive design that mirrors our corporate image and brand identity.

      • An original, attractive, and adjustable open floor layout equipped with top-notch facilities using sustainable, intelligent, and energy-efficient materials.

      • Accessibility for individuals with physical disabilities.

      • Compliance with high security standards and investment return maximization criteria.

    We are actively seeking a highly skilled and innovative interior design firm to transform two separate wings, spanning 4,900 square feet each, into contemporary and functional corporate offices. The first wing will serve as the headquarters for RentCo Africa Group, while the second wing is intended for RentCo Africa – Kenya. Our goal is to create inspiring, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing office spaces that align with our brand identity and enhance our business operations.



        • Innovative Workspace: Create modern and innovative office spaces that inspire creativity and productivity while adhering to our corporate identity.

        • Efficiency: Optimize space utilization to ensure efficient workflows, improved communication, and collaboration.

        • Brand Representation: Design offices that reflect RentCo Africa’s brand image, values, and culture.

        • Comfort and Well-being: Prioritize the comfort and well-being of employees, promoting a positive work environment.


      The selected interior design firm will be responsible for the following:


          • Design Concept Development: Develop a comprehensive design concept for each wing that includes space planning, color schemes, furniture selection, and overall aesthetics.

          • Space Planning: Optimize the layout of each wing to maximize functionality and efficiency while ensuring a comfortable and productive work environment.

          • Guidance on Reuse of Existing Infrastructure: The Interior design contractor is responsible for conducting a thorough assessment of RentCo Africa’s current office infrastructure. Their role is to provide recommendations regarding which items from the current office can be effectively incorporated into the new office design. Alternatively, they may suggest that RentCo Africa consider the option of selling any furniture that is deemed unnecessary or surplus to requirements.

          • Furniture Selection: Choose and specify furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) that align with the design concept and meet the project’s needs.

          • Material and Finish Selection: Select appropriate materials, finishes, and textures for walls, floors, ceilings, and other interior elements to create a cohesive and visually appealing environment.

          • Lighting Design: Design a well-lit space with a combination of natural and artificial lighting that enhances the overall ambiance.

          • Technology Integration: Incorporate technology solutions, such as AV systems, data cabling, and smart office features, data Centre including IT Infrastructure cabling, CCTV; as needed.

          • Sustainability: Ensure that the design incorporates sustainable and eco-friendly elements, promoting energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.

          • Budget Management: Develop a detailed budget that includes design and implementation costs, and provide cost control throughout the project.


        The participating firm’s primary responsibility is to present comprehensive design concepts and offer ancillary consulting and project management services for the design and fit-out of two wings on the Eighth floor. Each wing encompasses a total gross surface area of 4900 square meters and will serve as RentCo Africa Ltd’s designated office.

        The primary areas of focus for the design and fit-out works include:


            • Office spaces for management and staff, including reception areas and breakout rooms, restrooms, and related facilities on each floor.

            • Meeting facilities, including boardrooms, business centers, training rooms with projectors, archive and library spaces equipped for photocopying machines and shredders.

            • Amenities such as an executive lounge, staff breakout area, and kitchenette.

            • Wellness facilities, encompassing a gymnasium, showers, storage areas, a data center with IT infrastructure cabling and CCTV provisions (including the ability to accommodate security and access control systems).

            • Infrastructure facilities, like a generator house and electrical panel rooms.

            • A dedicated creche for nursing mothers.

            • Provisions for third-party staff, including drivers, security personnel, janitors, and maintenance teams.

          Please note that the listed space requirements are indicative. The architectural design and fit-out work should be more precise and forward-thinking, reflecting the firm’s expertise in modern office space management and discussions with RentCo Africa to assess their current and future requirements.

          Interested firms or individuals are kindly requested to submit their Expression of Interest along with accompanying Corporate Profile outlining their delivered work portfolio, for the scope of works outlined above.

          This submission should include the following:


              • Demonstration of relevant experience and previous clients, particularly related to some or all of the requirements listed (Providing proposed designs will be advantageous).

              • One or more architectural design proposals, accompanied by samples of previous work.

              • Clear outlines of the design and fit-out work period, timelines, and proposed payment terms.


            Interested interior design firms are invited to submit a proposal that includes the following:


                • Company Information: Provide an overview of your firm, including experience, expertise, and relevant projects.

                • Team Expertise: Outline the qualifications and experience of the design team members who will be involved in the project.

                • Portfolio: Include examples of previous corporate office interior design projects that demonstrate your firm’s capabilities.

                • Approach: Describe your approach to this project, highlighting your design philosophy, creativity, and any unique features you can offer.

                • Project Schedule: Present a proposed project schedule, including key milestones and estimated completion dates.

                • Budget Proposal: Provide a preliminary budget proposal that includes design fees and estimated project costs.

                • References: Include at least three client references with contact information.


              Invited firms are required to furnish prequalification documents that provide an overview of their company’s capabilities, proof of registration with relevant professional bodies, and a demonstrable track record in the field of modern office building fit-out design.

              RentCo Africa may request references and retain the right to directly contact third parties for verification.


              In addition to the eligibility conditions, participants should submit all pertinent legal documents and registrations/licenses. This includes the company’s audited accounts for the past three years (2019, 2021, and 2022) as well as evidence of successfully completing similar design projects within the last five years.


              Applicants are expected to provide a comprehensive company profile along with an organizational structure. Resumes of key Architects, Engineers, and project managers who will be assigned to the intended project should be included.


              Interested firms will have the opportunity to gather information and pose queries to RentCo’s officers. This includes arranging for organized site/plot visits, with inquiries and site visit coordination facilitated through the email address:


              Submissions will consist of two separate parts:

              1) Technical Proposal and

              2) Financial Proposal, each to be sent independently.

              All submissions should be directed to and must be received on or before 12:00 PM on November 23, 2023.

              In addition to digital copies, two (2) hard copies, sealed in envelopes labeled ‘RentCo Africa Ltd Headquarters Fit-out and Design Proposal,’ should be addressed to:

              The Tender Manager

              RentCo Africa Ltd,

              Crater Business Centre, 5th Floor

              P.O Box 24736-00100

              Nairobi, Kenya

              Please note that any submissions sent through means other than the specified email address will not be considered.


              RentCo Africa Ltd retains the right to independently verify all submitted documents, listed clients, and previous works. RentCo Africa Ltd is not obligated to provide reasons for non-selection of any individual or firm. Furthermore, RentCo Africa Ltd reserves the right to discontinue this process without reference to any entity.

              We look forward to partnering with an exceptional interior design firm that can bring our vision for these corporate offices to life. Thank you for considering this request for proposal.


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