Our expert knowledge in a variety of industries enables us to realize innovative solutions by linking people, capital and solutions.

RentCo’s ability to offer customized asset finance, logistics and insurance solutions, combined with strategic partnerships with both global and local partners, enables us to support our multi-sectoral clients in powering their business success.

Cultivating farms can sometimes be unpredictable with the varying seasons and harvests hence leasing agricultural equipment should free up capital that can be invested in other farming needs. Get the latest in automated agricultural mechanization whether its harvesting equipment, irrigation equipment or even green-house equipment under a convenient financing approach.

From commercial vans, executive company cars, to large transportation vehicles, Rentco provides effective vehicle leasing and maintenance services across East Africa and Africa at large. In a bid to maximize fleet efficiency, we provide our clients additional services that include regular vehicle servicing, roadside recovery, tire or parts replacement and accident management services.

Take advantage of easy and flexible leasing opportunities of construction and engineering equipment including earth moving equipment, lifting equipment, underground equipment and paving equipment. Leasing machinery not only increases your business’ operational cash flow but it ensures the equipment is current, upgraded and maintained, keeping you steps ahead of the competition.

Unlocking quality education in the region of Africa requires endorsing flexible learning pathways such as online studying programs that ensure students even in the most remote areas of the continent receive top-notch education. With the education leasing initiative, governments and schools that have previously been crippled by budget constraints can receive classroom devices that are cost effective and learning opportunities can extend beyond the physical limitations of a classroom.

RentCo aims at delivering the energy industry with the latest in power related equipment and machinery. With project sizes ranging from 100-KW and greater for Solar PV and 50KW for energy saving equipment, sectors such as the commercial, retail, industrial, education, county and national government can receive 100% financing. Our flexible lease structures include equipment, installation, maintenance, legal, appraisal and ERC & NEMA certification.

Partnering with the best local and international suppliers, we offer innovative medical equipment solutions to our clients, assisting governments and institutions stay ahead of the progressive healthcare industry. We cater for all types of assets and equipment including ambulances, furniture and fittings, MRI machines, CT scanners and ultrasound machines.

With the rapidly evolving world of science and automation, it is easy to get stuck with technology that can quickly become obsolete. As a method to get the latest equipment, leasing of IT hardware and software has enabled companies reduce purchasing cost while easily navigating regular equipment upgrades. RentCo provides institutions the option to lease any IT equipment while helping you secure rates and terms that will suit your needs no matter how big or small the business is.


We offer Dedicated Logistics Solutions to client in different industries. We represent and do everything necessary to deliver the products to you within the predetermined time, cost, quality and term at your doorstep. RentCo’s Provides Dedicated Logistical Solutions That Ensure The Correct Products Are Procured And Delivered Where And When They Are Required.

In an effort to counter the ever-growing costs to get the equipment you require, most businesses are turning to leasing options that are fast, flexible and cheaper. With leasing, you can afford to have updated manufacturing equipment with the latest features at a fraction of the purchasing price. RentCo’s equipment lease includes end-of-lease term options that allows manufacturing companies to periodically upgrade to new equipment, connecting businesses to more capital and helping them stay competitive.

Infrastructure financing though leasing is being used as a method of raising funds by conserving capital for developmental projects. Leasing arrangements are gaining significant recognition not only due to their flexibility with lower interest rates but institutions are provided up to 100% financing without any down payment or deposit. Economic and quality of life improvements couldn’t be more accessible.

Local and national governments that experience budgetary restrictions are capitalizing on leasing options to increase service levels and enable growth in societies. Government agencies can lease either office equipment, public safety vehicles, medical equipment, modular buildings or anything essential they may require for operations.

One way to reduce cost especially for businesses that are just opening up is Retail Leasing. Retail leasing is an alternative financing option for vendors that includes leasing of office equipment, shop machinery or even vehicles. Small and large businesses can benefit from leasing products due to customized financing programs that addresses their individual needs.


Safety and security equipment leasing has become more common in today’s lifestyle with gadgets such as a metal detector becoming the norm for every security check. RentCo’s safety and security equipment leasing includes financing of intercom systems, keycard entry equipment, digital video recording equipment, alarm systems and fire suppression equipment, just to mention a few

Even while revered as the most convenient and effective methods to save and invest, SACCO members can benefit greatly with leasing deals. An example, Matatu saccos can lease fleets of vehicles at affordable leasing rates without having to pay any down-payments. RentCo also offers leasing arrangements for agricultural saccos to finance farming equipment and trucks, supporting farmers to acquire assets they need to grow and sustain their produce.

Leasing especially of technological gadgets that quickly become outdated is a practice used by entertainment businesses to stay relevant and updated. Equipment leasing is allowing hotels to renovate, expand and open new restaurants, with unique financial solutions tailored to suit each business.


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