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Why Should Healthcare Facilities Consider Leasing Medical Equipment?

Meta Description: Accessing efficient medical equipment is vital in enabling you to offer top-notch care. Thus, the number of equipment required by healthcare facilities is growing.  Leasing medical equipment is the answer for most healthcare networks and medical practices. Leasing equipment is a practical option for acquiring the equipment required to offer top patient care […]

The Impact of CSR on The Kenyan Sports Ecosystem

In recent years, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept that has gained prominence in the business world. CSR refers to the voluntary actions taken by companies to improve the social and environmental conditions of the communities in which they operate. One area where CSR has had a significant impact in Kenya is in the […]

Improved Access To Affordable Mobility

Leasing: A Sustainable Alternative to Promoting a More Efficient, Inclusive and Safe Public Transport System in East Africa. According to World Bank estimates, city residents on average spend an hour to travel to work and another 60 minutes commuting back home due to traffic congestion. In East Africa, public transport accounts for nearly eighty percent […]

Leasing Model To Aid Leaning

RentCo Partners with Institutions of Higher Learning For Students to Benefit From Laptop Leasing Program. According to statistics, there are over 15 million students in schools in Kenya. 10.1 million learners are estimated in primary schools, 3.5 million in secondary schools and over 850,000 students are in institutions of higher learning. Over 90% of students […]

Leveraging Technology to Accelerate Access to Education in Kenya

Meta Description: Accelerated Learning Programs endeavor to meet the requirements of education access while ensuring top-quality learning focusing on numeracy, digital literacy, and reading. Therefore, to accelerate access to education in Kenya, technology plays a vital role in addressing access to quality education. Using technology to accelerate learning is essential in linking teachers to students. […]

Leasing Versus Financing? Which Option is Best for your Business?

Meta Description: Expanding or starting up a small business may be challenging; hence, the most critical decision you have to make is whether to purchase or lease equipment. When shopping for your business equipment, one of your trickiest questions will be whether to lease or buy. Usually, buying can be cheaper over the asset`s life, […]

How Can Leasing Equipment Help Businesses Scale Quickly and Efficiently

Leasing equipment works particularly well in a business where technology is constantly changing. Purchasing equipment that will become obsolete in a few years is a problem that can be avoided by short-term leases that allows you to update your equipment at the end of the lease. If equipment needs regular maintenance or breaks down easily, […]

Impact of Value Chain Finance on Manufacturing

Meta Description: The value chain is fundamental to calculated planning for most businesses today. The value chain is a product’s complete lifecycle, like material sourcing, consumption, production, recycling, or disposal process. Value chain finance is helpful to businesses with liquidity to meet market demands. It may be for expanding or maintaining operations or investing in […]

How Does Leasing Help Businesses to stay Ahead of Industry Trends and Technology Changes?

Meta Description: Leasing allows businesses to attain equipment without spending much money. Usually, leases are based on monthly expenses that don’t change. For this reason, a business owner can budget well and forecast costs. Most businesses, large and small, prefer to lease equipment instead of purchasing to retain much of their working capital, especially when […]

Digital Inclusion to Transform Education in Africa

Meta Description: Digital inclusion is a blueprint for guiding and addressing communities’ readiness to take up the digital age fully. Participating in technology will enrich Individual’s and community’s lives and ensure that none is left behind as we transform education in Africa. Education isn’t a privilege but a human right. Hence, there is a need […]

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