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Leveraging Technology to Accelerate Access to Education in Kenya

Meta Description: Accelerated Learning Programs endeavor to meet the requirements of education access while ensuring top-quality learning focusing on numeracy, digital literacy, and reading. Therefore, to accelerate access to education in Kenya, technology plays a vital role in addressing access to quality education.

Using technology to accelerate learning is essential in linking teachers to students. Understanding technology is vital to the student’s success in this digital era. Strengthening educators` skills through educational training with a student-centered approach demonstrates that educators have a massive influence and impact on their student’s education.

Consequently, learners have demonstrated increased critical and analytical thinking skills reflected in their academic performances. Thus, the Kenyan youth are better set up for life beyond their classrooms. Below are factors that influencetaking advantage of technology to accelerate access to education in Kenya.

1.    Technology Roles in Education

Different technology roles in learning are promising; these begin by using technology tools to aid the conventional teaching method and are entirely technologically driven. Hence most students obtain gratification from using technology n education. Technology roles in education include; 

  • Technology facilitates learning in a serene environment
  • It allows learners thoughts based on their weaknesses and strengths.
  • It helps teachers in evaluating skills objectively and consistently.
  • It acknowledges classroom experience study without interrupting the laid down measure of communication.

2.    Teachers Factor to accelerate Access to Education in Kenya

A consistent set of factors affecting using technology in the education sector is attached to the teacher. The teacher’s proficiency with technology is acknowledged as the primary factor connected to technology usage. The teacher’s teaching philosophy and instructive attitude are additional factors that persuade the proper use of technology in learning.

Additionally, utilizing communication and information technologies in education plays a critical role n providing innovative and new types of support to students, teachers, and the entire learning process.

Again, a teacher’s workload can influence technology acceptance in their classrooms. Factors that contribute to more workload include constant upgrades, course maintenance, learning new skills, student emails, and the continuous hunt for sustainable strategies

3.    Personal Characteristics

Educational experience, age, gender, educational level, attitudes to computers, and computer experience for educational purposes are some personal characteristics that influence technology adoption. Hence, teachers are asked to integrate and adopt ICT into learning and teaching activities; however, teachers’ readiness to integrate ICT in their teaching determines the efficacy of the technology regardless of its existence in the learning institution.

Additionally, the teacher’s attitude towards technology significantly influences their integration and adoption of computers in teaching. But, a lack of confidence, fear, and competence implies that conventional teaching mechanisms sideline ICT. Hence, understanding personal characteristics that sway teachers’ integration and adoption of ICT into their teaching is relevant in accelerating access to education in Kenya.

Final Verdict

The rise of new technologies has made it hard to be adopted and integrated by teachers in their classrooms. Effective technology integration into classroom practices is more challenging for teachers than fixing a computer to a network. However, for successful ICT integration into teaching, teachers must accept that technology is far better than the conventional way of teaching.

This write-up has highlighted the factors that positively influence the use of technology in teaching to accelerate access to education in Kenya. The teachers’ attitude toward adopting and integrating technology in their teaching is critical to leveraging technology to accelerate access to education in Kenya. To get more insights on topics like this, visit our site.


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