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CEO’s Speech: Commonwealth Enterprise & Investment Council (CWEIC) Global Advisory Council Meeting

Commonwealth Enterprise & Investment Council (CWEIC) Global Advisory Council Meeting

Mr. Robert Nyasimi on 1st June 2023 in London, UK,

Lord Jonathan Peter Marland, Chairman of the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council
The Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council Board
Distinguished Guests,
All Protocols observed
Ladies & Gentlemen,

A very good morning / afternoon / evening to you all!
It gives me great pleasure to say a few words at this auspicious event that marks not only our first Advisory Council Meeting but also a momentous milestone that plays a significant role in the realization of a more sustainable and connected Commonwealth.


With great joy and humility that we convey our heartfelt gratitude for the honor of being nominated as a Strategic Partner and Advisory Council Nominee by the esteemed Commonwealth Enterprise & Investment Council.

(Introduction to RentCo Africa & Why the Commonwealth) 

My name is Robert Kanda Nyasimi, CEO & Founder of RentCo Africa Group. We are an independent asset leasing company that offers off and on-balance financing through bespoke leasing products to the public and private sectors. RentCo Africa offers flexible leasing options for all movable assets, including but not exhaustive to vehicles, machinery, equipment, and technology solutions. 

By providing access to essential resources without the burden of outright ownership, we help businesses optimize their operations, increase productivity, and conserve capital.

It is now our 10 Year Anniversary of Impact in Accelerating Sustainable Business Growth in Africa through Asset Leasing.

In terms of success, the last decade has seen us: 

  • Deliver thousands of Government Vehicle Leasing Programs in multiple East African
  • Successfully commission Renewable Energy Mega Projects,
  • Transform the HealthCare Sector through Leased Accelerated Response & Life-saving
  • Food Security through Mechanized Agricultural Solutions
  • Empowering Businesses through Distributor & Retailer Value Chain Financing
RentCo Africa is set to pioneer the leasing of 60MW wellhead geothermal power plants in Kenya based on an infrastructure leasing model, which will be the first of its kind in the world.
Why The Commonwealth?
Coming Together forms the very foundation of the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth
Enterprise & Investment Council’s main aim is to facilitate trade and investment throughout the 56 Commonwealth member nations.
As a Change Catalyst, creating opportunities fostering connections aligns with our core
philosophy of Accelerating Sustainable Business Growth.
Our nomination to the Advisory Council and induction of RentCo Africa as a Strategic Partner has ignited a new spark for us to leverage our collective knowledge, industry expertise, and resources to drive innovation, address challenges, and create opportunities for growth globally and throughout the Commonwealth.

In today’s uncertain financial climate, leasing of movable assets stands out as viable alternative, flexible and creative financing option enabling Governments and organizations alike, to acquire today’s assets or equipment, at today’s price, but paid with tomorrow’s revenues.
So, whether it is short-term leasing for a specific project or long-term arrangements for ongoing operations, RentCo Africa can offer you flexible terms and competitive rates to ensure you obtain the assets you need while maintaining financial stability.
With these remarks, RentCo Africa is delighted to share our contributions and positive impact we strive to make on a global scale. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and are fully committed to upholding the values and objectives of the Commonwealth while working collaboratively to achieve our shared goals. 
I look forward to engaging with many of you today and in the coming months. 
Thank you!


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We have grown our network of offices globally to maintain close relationships with our clients while continuously strengthening our understanding of local and regional markets, regulations and business practices.







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RentCo’s ability to offer customized asset finance, logistics and insurance solutions, combined with strategic partnerships with both global and local partners, enables us to support our multi-sectoral clients in powering their business success.


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Our Solutions

Rentco is a solutions-oriented asset-finance, logistics and insurance solutions partner for businesses of any sector, government, and other organizations. 

Our combination of various multi-sector competencies and the specialist knowledge of our partners – enables us to offer you integrated asset finance and auxiliary solutions.

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