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Country Head Speech: RentCo Africa WRC Sponsorship in Collaboration with Caetano Kenya Media Briefing (6th June 2023)

RentCo Africa WRC Sponsorship in Collaboration with Caetano Kenya Media Briefing

Mr. Bosire Bogonko on 20th June 2023 at Caetano Kenya Showroom

Esteemed Members of the Media,
Distinguished Guests,
Representatives from Caetano Kenya, Shell Kenya, and All Other Organizations present,
All Protocols observed
Ladies & Gentlemen,

A very good morning / afternoon to you all!
It gives me great pleasure to say a few words at this momentous event that not only marks a significant milestone for RentCo Africa and our Partners Caetano Kenya but also exemplifies our unwavering commitment to supporting sports and fostering a culture of excellence. 

We express our sincere gratitude to the media for their presence here today. Your tireless efforts in documenting and broadcasting the thrills and triumphs of sporting events play a crucial role in sharing these stories with the world. We appreciate your dedication in capturing the essence of the WRC Safari Rally Kenya and spreading the excitement to a global audience.
I would also like to extend a warm welcome and heartfelt appreciation to our event host, Caetano Kenya. Your impeccable organization and steadfast support have provided us with an exceptional platform to showcase our passion for sports and the thrill of rally racing. The dedication and meticulous planning from Caetano Kenya’s team have undoubtedly elevated the rally experience to new heights.
Furthermore, our gratitude extends to our esteemed fellow Gold sponsors, Shell Kenya and all organizations present. Your invaluable support is instrumental in fostering sporting excellence and nurturing talent.

Kenya has a rich sporting heritage, with athletics, rugby, and football being among the most popular sports in the country. The WRC Safari Rally in Kenya is a prestigious motorsport event that showcases the beauty of Kenya’s landscapes and challenges the skills and endurance of rally drivers from around the world.
RentCo Africa recognizes the significance of this championship in showcasing Kenya’s natural beauty, rich heritage, and immense potential as a global sporting destination.

We are glad to part of an event that epitomizes the spirit of competition, determination, and skill. This  prestigious event is a remarkable moment in the world of motorsports and RentCo Africa is proud to align ourselves with organizations that share our vision of empowering athletes and promoting a culture of sportsmanship.
As a Change Catalyst, creating opportunities and fostering sporting excellence aligns with our core philosophy of Accelerating Sustainable Growth. The Safari of old has evolved to fit the modern-day WRC, but its character remains with challenging closed dirt roads, stunning picture-postcard scenery and exotic wildlife; the true fabric and DNA of Africa.

So who is Rentco Africa? 

We are an independent asset leasing company that offers off and on-balance financing through bespoke leasing products to the public and private sectors. RentCo Africa offers flexible leasing options for all movable assets, including but not exhaustive to vehicles, machinery, equipment, and technology solutions. 

By providing access to essential resources without the burden of outright ownership, we help businesses optimize their operations, increase productivity, and conserve capital. 

It is now our 10 Year Anniversary of Impact in Accelerating Sustainable Business Growth in East Africa through Asset Leasing.

In terms of success, the last decade has seen us:

  • Deliver thousands of both Government and Private Vehicle Leasing Programs in multiple East African countries
  • Successfully commission Renewable Energy Mega Projects, 
  • Transform the HealthCare Sector through Leased Accelerated Response & Life-saving Equipment
  • Food Security through Mechanized Agricultural Solutions
  • Empowering Businesses through Distributor & Retailer Value Chain Financing
Thank you, and let us embrace the spirit of sportsmanship as we eagerly await the World Rally Championship in Naivasha!
A splendid day to you all!


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